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Email Templates

Templates make creating your email campaigns easy, quick and consistent.


With a few simple clicks you can use your templates as a basis for your new email campaign. Using our slick WYSIWYG editor, you can add your own text and images to each email, send it to your subscribers and view reports on the results.

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    Email Templates to get you Started

    To get you started we'll add a few generic templates to your account. You can use these as often as you want to start your email campaigns.

    You can use your own graphics, photographs and text within each template to customise the email. Add some personalisation to truly tailor your emails and increase your impact.

    Getting your email to look great in all the major email clients can be a challenge at times, so we've done the hard work for you with these free email templates. We've tested them in all the major email clients, so all you've got to do is to add your own content.

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    Custom Email Templates for Your Business

    We can help you create a bespoke email template for your business.

    We'll consult with you to determine the best styles of email templates for your business and your clients.

    We do make a small charge to create these bespoke templates for you. We'd be happy to discuss this further to help you create a truly unique presence for your business.

    More about bespoke email templates