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Your Subscribers

We take all of the pain out of list management by handling the messy stuff like bounces and unsubscribes automatically. From small lists, to huge collections with advanced personalisation, we've got you covered.

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Customize the signup and unsubscribe process for every list

You can create as many different lists as you need for yourself and your clients. You only pay when sending emails from your campaigns, so list management is completely free.

Better still, you can completely customise the signup and unsubscribe process for each list. Copy and paste the signup code, set your own landing page on your website for new signups and send your own welcome emails when they confirm their subscription.

Subscriber formMore about subscriber forms
Screenshot Targeting

Target groups of subscribers and make it personal

You can easily extend your lists to capture anything and everything about your subscribers. Whether it's address, phone number or favourite lipstick. Not only that, but you can easily personalize your emails with any of the custom data you've captured.

Want to get even fancier? You can build segments in your list that target a specific type of subscriber. These can be based on any subscriber demographics you've captured as well as past campaign activity, such as only those subscribers that opened the last 3 emails or clicked a specific link.

Subscriber formMore about subscriber targeting

Powerful List Management Features


Signup Forms

Use our simple online form builder to create signup forms you can easily add to your website.


Custom Fields

Store anything you like about your subscribers and easily insert it into email content.



Send targeted campaigns to select groups of subscribers based upon your own criteria.


Export to Excel

Select the fields and export any list in your account straight to Microsoft Excel.


Customize Everything

Change the look and feel of your entire signup and unsubscribe process.


Suppression lists

Never send to anyone who has unsubscribed, bounced or marked you as SPAM.


Confirmed Opt-in

Require your subscribers to confirm their email address when signing up to your lists.


RSS feed for list activity

Track new subscriber activity for any of your lists without needing to login.

Flexible importing

No matter the format your lists are in, we make it easy to import into your account.