Clicks and Links
Track every click in your email, to see who is clicking on what.
These are real people you're sending to, not email addresses.
Mobile Reports
Track every click within your email campaigns whilst on the move with our latest reports and statistics right on your mobile device.
Bounces and Unsubscribes
See who bounced and why, and we'll figure out if we should try again or remove.
View Reporting Screenshots
A few nice screenshots showing examples of the reports and analytics.
Mobile Reporting

Worldview · A new way to meet your subscribers

Worldview reminds you these are real people you're sending to, not email addresses.

Every time you send a campaign, we'll show you who is opening it, clicking links, forwarding it to their friends, liking it on Facebook or mentioning it on Twitter. Here's the cool part we'll show you this on a map, in real-time, all wrapped up in a gorgeous user interface.

Worldview map

Stunning “Real Time” User Interface


People, not email addresses

Get to know your subscribers, where they're based and what they're saying about you.


Social out of the box

See where Facebook likes and Twitter mentions about your email are happening in real-time.

Full Screen

Full-screen experience

Go full-screen and watch Worldview without distractions. Just you and your subscribers.


Easily share with friends

Share a public version of Worldview without private data so everyone can watch the action.


As local as you like

Sit back and watch the global activity, or zoom down to the street level. It's your choice.


Real-time, really

See what your subscribers are doing with your email the moment they do it.