Clicks and Links
Track every click in your email, to see who is clicking on what.
These are real people you're sending to, not email addresses.
Mobile Reports
Track every click within your email campaigns whilst on the move with our latest reports and statistics right on your mobile device.
Bounces and Unsubscribes
See who bounced and why, and we'll figure out if we should try again or remove.
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A few nice screenshots showing examples of the reports and analytics.
Clicks and Links

Clicks, Links and Forwards

Track every click within your email, so that you can see who is clicking on what.

  • Who's Clicking on What?


    Understanding who clicks on what is your emails is absolutely vital in determining the success of any email campaign.

    When each email is sent out, we automatically add a piece of code that requests a tiny, invisible image from our email delivery servers. So when a reader opens the email, the image is downloaded, and we can record that download as an open for that specific email.

  • How to Measure Success

    So many things

    It is important to understand that the open rate can never be a 100% accurate measure. Recording an 'open' can only happen if the readers email client is capable of displaying html with images, and that option is turned on. So if you are sending text-only emails, there is no way to record open rates. Similarly, people reading your html email without images showing will not be recorded as opens (unless they click a link).

    So you should never take your open rate as a hard and fast number, because you can never know the true figure. It is much better used as general guide, and as a way of measuring the trends on your email campaigns.

  • Measure Beyond Your List

    Track Forwards

    It's oh so nice when people send on what you've sent to them. It's like a personal endorsement.

    We can help you track this and let you know who is your best referrer and who they are referring your emails to.