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Email Marketing Features

Keeping in regular touch with your clients, customers, leads, suppliers and prospects is absolutely vital for every business.

Our Email Marketing system is built for every business from sole traders and one-man bands to small and medium businesses. This means that every feature we build and decision we make is focused on one thing - helping you to reach your target market swiftly and efficiently.

  • Built with the Features you Want and Need

    Sending Emails

    Build your email campaigns from a series of superb email templates, have them customised for your business and use them over and over again. With single click design and outstanding SPAM checking, we provide an unrivaled email service for you and your clients.

    Combine this with email tracking with full, interactive reporting and live analytics to track every email you ever send.

    See below for a list of our top features.

  • Campaign Management, Subscriber Management and Reporting & Analytics

    So many things

    Build every campaign with ease by selecting from your predefined set of custom templates from your personal gallery. Personalise your email campaigns with individual details about each subscriber and send only to a subset of highly focused clients to truly target each campaign.

    Subscribers register directly from your website with a simple form.

    Allow your subscribers to self manage their subscription with you.

    Track every single email; open, click, forward, unsubscribe

    Read more about Campaign Management

  • Auto-Responders allow you to Send Automatic Emails to your subscribers

    Email Autoresponders

    Autoresponders go by a few different names like triggered emails and drip campaigns, but essentially they are automated emails. They can also be a sequence of emails sent when one of your subscribers meets a certain condition. For example, when someone joins your list, your subscriber's birthday, or a month since someone purchased from your store.

    Automatically follow up your new customers and subscribers

    Help people remember important dates like their renewal date

    Send your customers a birthday message

    Read more about Auto-Responders

Powerful Email Management Features


Send Email Campaigns

Send email campaigns to your subscriber lists as often as you need.


Custom Fields

Store anything you like about your subscribers and easily insert it into email content.



Send targeted campaigns to select groups of subscribers based upon your own criteria.

Pay as You go

Pay as You Go

Only pay for what you send when you send it. Simple. No nasty monthly fees or ongoing charges.


Track Everything

Track every aspect of each email you send; opens, click, forwards, unsubscribes, hard and soft bounces.


Customise Emails

Customise each email from your starter templates, change images, layout, content and personalisation.


Comprehensive Help

Our comprehensive help system makes sure assistance is always at hand.


Outstanding Delivery

Whitelisted at major ISPs, sent from multiple email servers and hosted at a fully redundant data center.


Account Configuration

Configure your account to suit your needs and tailor your workflow.